Foal Academy

At Stutteri Evo Foal Academy, the welfare and well-being of the foal is top priority. We do everything we can to ensure that the horse gets the best possible beginning of it’s life, as well as the an optimal environment to realise its full potential as a riding horse.

Personal engagement
The horses are cared for and inspected several times daily. They are trained to lift legs and to stand tied. They are turned out daily and are accompanied by lead rope to and from the pen every day. This not only makes the foals trust higher, but makes them more manageable and gives them greater mental resources to learn in the long term.

We constantly have our eyes on foals and youngstock to assess whether the individual youngling evolves as desired. Based on our assessments of the individual, the planning of the horses dietary needs is individually adjusted with the most suitable food allocated in the appropriate quantity. It provides optimum feeding that meets the individual needs of the horses.

Hoof care
The foals gets used to getting their legs and hooves checked at an early age. The farrier visits us regularly and we examine the leg positions of the foal as well as getting their hooves cropped.

Vaccination Program
All horses at Stutteri EVO are part of our own vaccination program and therefore all new foals are also added into this program. At the same time, all horses and foals receive deworming treatments. This is done by a skilled veterinarian who is associated with Stutteri EVO.

During the winter months, the foals get wraps ad libitum both inside and outside. If the weather allows it, the foals go on the pen, even in the winter though sometimes, depending on conditions, only for a limited time. It all depends on the weather.
In the summer, the foals, like the rest of the horses, go onto the large green pastures where they can truly unfold and enjoy life.

Loving care
Last but not least, the horses are petted and get a lot of love. This is partly for the sake of ‘hygge'(Danish word), but also for the purpose of familiarizing the foals with the close dealings with people and to be touched.
All these things ensure that the horses get the best possible beginning to life.

For questions, you are always welcome to contact us via email or call us at Tel. + 45 26 27 72 88.

Stutteri EVO Foal Academy - D'Avinni
Stutteri EVO Foal Academy - D'Avinni
The foals are introduced to the Danish concept of 'Hygge' (cosiness)
The foals are introduced to the Danish concept of 'Hygge' (cosiness)
Stutteri EVO Foal Academy - D'Avinni
Stutteri EVO Foal Academy - D'Avinni