About Stutteri EVO

Jane Seerup from Stutteri EVO
Jane Seerup from Stutteri EVO
Horses on the way to the pen
Horses on the way to the pen
The barn on a sunny day
The barn on a sunny day

Stutteri EVO is a privately owned stud farm that was founded in 2013. The ambition has been, from the outset, to create a stud farm that delivers high-quality horses that can perform on a high sporting level.

Stutteri EVO has all the necessary facilities to be able to breed and train horses at the top level. In addition to large pen areas and grassy areas, the facilities include very bright and airy, modern stables, outdoor riding courts, a smaller riding hall and a new 20 × 60 m riding Hall.
Stutteri EVO is well equipped to be able to give the horses the best setting for their workouts.

The stud farm is decorated in a beautifully located farmhouse, whose grassland borders the forest. The atmosphere is peace and quiet, giving the horses optimum conditions for growing up as well as training.
The stud farm is just 15 minutes. from Kolding and 25 min. from Billund Airport. Such a central location close to highway and airport means that we are easily accessible to our customers and partners, just as we can easily get out to events, inspections etc.

Own breeding

We breed two to four foals annually, which are immediately enrolled in Foal Academy to exploit the full potential of the foals and thus provide them with the best opportunities for their maturity in the long term. At Stutteri EVO, we have several active breeding mares and also occasionally get foal after some of our active sports mares.

Investing in horses
Stutteri EVO also invests in horses. The horses are selected specifically based on their abilities and potiential. Several investments are made in partnership with Helgstrand Dressage. Several of our horses have participated in the World Championships for younglings.

Today, Stutteri EVO, together with Helgstrand Dressage, owns a few excellent stallions. The stallions are part of Helgstrands collection of active breeding stallions. These stallions are submitted to the highest standard training in the difficult art of dressage and regularly participating in riding events simultaneously with their breeding service.

At The competition grounds
We try to be part of as many riding events as possible in both domestic and abroad, so if you meet us at an event or a gradin place, please come by and have a chat about what we might be able to do for you.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our horses, you are always welcome to write us an email at info@stutteri-evo.dk or call on Tel. + 45 26 27 72 88.